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Meet the Authors

Nina Rizzo Renda (right)

Grapevines and Olive Branches AuthorsNina enjoyed a magical childhood at the historic Bernardo Winery, which has been in

her family’s talented hands for over a hundred years. Thanks to the Winery’s lush and

fertile offerings, Nina and her loved ones have always enjoyed fresh, seasonal ingredients

in their home-cooked Sicilian food. Following in her father’s footsteps, Nina became

the cook of the extended family. She has built on the memories of her warm, loving,

and hospitable childhood by sharing her family’s history,

philosophy, and recipes with you. Nourishing her relatives and

guests with the Winery’s crisp, flavorful fruits and vegetables

has always brought Nina much joy. With this book, she invites

you to share her family’s Sicilian cuisine and to bring the love

and warmth they have always shared to your family table.

Leslie May Rodwick (left)

Leslie grew up in Buenos Aires, Argentina, home to a huge

Italian immigrant community. She continues to enjoy wonderful

memories of the delicious Italian food she delighted in for so many

years. Leslie has traveled extensively throughout Italy and was privileged to attend Marcella

Hazan’s Master Class in Italian Cooking in Venice, 1998. Her love of cooking has inspired

her to attend additional cooking classes and develop her unique approach to formatting

easy-to-follow recipes that incorporate ingredient lists within a recipe’s instructions. Leslie’s

cookbook design is distinctive, and she hopes you enjoy not only her approach to cooking but

also the flavors and aromas of the Bernardo Winery.

Where to buy the book:

Available in Costco spring of 2015!